Thursday, June 30, 2022


Four decades from the epiphany: Memories and the future

We can look back on our lives with memories that mix some certainty (especially if we have journals or other contemporary evidence), but can...
retiring the blog

Retiring the Construction Marketing Ideas blog: What lies ahead?

I've just returned from a seven week vacation in the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. At 66 years old, I'm also officially at...

The year’s major discovery: Your current customers are your most important marketing asset

This is one of the quietest New Years' Eve celebrations -- a sip of champagne with Vivian in our home with the TV tuned...
internet map

In the real world of business competition, do the expected marketing rules really work?

To say the least, the last few months have been "interesting" for my business. As I noted previously, the launch of our daily construction...
marketing models

Counting progress with simple marketing strategies

We're continuing our marketing to develop Ontario Construction News. The primary customer-building tool continues to be direct mail, (about 80 per cent) followed by...

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